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What I found interesting about the way that the drugs being marketed is that the makers of the drug are, actually, providing a list of health care providers that can prescribe the drug. And onlly in the United States. So, there's something called telemedicine, which is basically being a phone call or a Face-Time call, and they are contracted with a pharmacy that will dispense the drug. It's a strange arrangement. It's something that valiant does with some of their more expensive products. And the plus side of that is that they have a direct mail program and the first month is free, whether you're insured or not, and then, the most that patients will pay out-of-pocket is 134 CAD a month. There are covered patients, where their insurance will pick up some of the cost. There're max co-pays 34 CAD, but uninsured patients will pay 134 CAD a month. So, it's an interesting arrangement that they're doing.

I don't exactly know why they're going through this route. Maybe, they don't want to spend money on detailing the doctors, or the insurance company will pay people to go out and talk to doctors about the drug and kind of push the drug in a legal way. But, if it's so, then it's not the same system that every country has, but it's how we do it here. So, this is a little different. Maybe, they're trying to reduce their marketing budget or something, or they market directly to consumers. But it is interesting, and it is controversial.

Getting in Online

On the other hand - you can always get Flibanserin Online. Online pharmacies are very popular when you dealing with regular Viagra buying. I mean blue pills for men. So, online sellers of generic drugs haven't stayed apart of all this "Female Viagra" hype. Hence, they offer Generic Addyi on their shops. As usual, it is manufactured in India, it is significantly cheaper that the brand pills. And also you can escape all this roller-coaster with telemedicine that i mentioned above.

Anyway, you have to deal this the delivery time - in the case of online buying it can take up to 3 weeks to deliver pills from India.