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Flibanserin (Addyi) is the first drug in the world that was accepted by the United States' FDA (but not Canadian) to treat the disease HSDD (hypoactive sexual desire disorder). The drug is often compared with Viagra, and is unoficially called "Female Vaigra". However, they have nothing in common. Flibanserin has a different purpose, action and application method.

Here we will discuss this Female Viagra drug, its Side Effects and where you can safely buy it.

Many people misunderstand the meaning of HSDD and are mistaken in appropriate treatment for the disease, characterized by low or insufficient sexual desire in women, which is not a permanent occurrence. It usually arises due to various circumstances and reasons.

The women with HSDD feel discomfort and suffer from the fact that the level of sexual desire has decreased or disappeared, as before that condition they did not have such a problem in life. Typically, the women, who receive HSDD, which is a biological factor, suffer from prolonged depression and stress. They feel bad; their behavior can change in a negative way.

HSDD affects all aspects of a woman’s life, including communication with friends, relatives and, of course, her partner. She loses sexual interest to her partner, which negatively affects their relationship. Many women refuse to partner in sex, others agree because of a sense of duty to give sexual pleasure to the partner not to lose him. This is very scary, as women do not feel happy in their relationships and also stop feeling their own sexuality.

As a result of a disorder in the function of neurotransmitters, an imbalance is formed in the brain. The drug Flibanserin helps to fight this condition. It affects the receptors involved in the formation of sexual desire in the female body.

The full effect of the drug has not yet been studied. However, it is known that its components suppress the inhibitory effects and promote the returning of sexual desire in women.

Drug’s Working Mechanism

The way the drug works is a little bit of a mystery. It was developed as an antidepressant medication. It didn't really work well for that purpose, but it did have this effect of increasing libido in women. If you were to look at a drug like Viagra for men, then Viagra specifically works on the physiology of a man. Addyi works on the brain. The mechanism of action is not well understood, which is typical of drugs that act on the brain, because the brain is super complex. They just test the drug and see that it has worked, but they don't really understand exactly the reason why it does work and why it is more effective than placebo.

The drug was studied, and the measurement that was studied was number of satisfying sexual events. So, these are three studies and the study of women with hypoactive sexual desire disorder, basically, low libido and low libido that is not explained by other causes.


Flibanserin is usually prescribed in a dosage of 100 mg, which is taken at bedtime every day. The course of administration is usually up to 8 weeks.

Before using the drug, a woman should consult a doctor. This drug is not suitable for all women. The consultation should include a discussion about a woman’s sexual health, as well as the discussion of important issues about her level of sexual desire, a decrease in her interest in sex, her anxiety about it, and her desire to regain or enhance her sexual condition.

They should also discuss possible factors that led to a loss of interest in sex. The reasons may be different. They may include recent birth, the use of some drugs, dissatisfaction with the partner and others.

As a result of research, 50% of women received a tangible positive result after the course of Flibanserin. They received an increase in sexual desire. Many of them have restored the level of sexual desire to satisfactory.

The women, who took Flibanserin, began to feel much better, their condition and behavior changed for the better. They got rid of stress and suffering and began to engage in sexual activity with their partners. According to patients' comments, the quality and process of intercourse has also changed for the better.

Satisfaction from sexual intercourse doubled in some patients, which is an excellent result of the treatment.

Side Effects

Like most medicines, Flibanserin has a number of side effects that include sedation, nausea, and dizziness. During the study, 13% of patients discontinued the treatment due to the side effects that arose. The side effects mitigation usually occurs as a result of the drug’s dosage correction.

Please, refer to this page. It has more information about Flibanserin side effects.